When I was 17 years old, I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I thought it would take me a year or two to succeed. It took me fifteen!

I worked tirelessly to launch and develop tech start-ups. But creating tech companies was never my end goal. It simply allowed me to have the financial security that I needed to carry out a much bigger ambition: I wanted to be of use to our society. After selling my last two companies to Blackberry and Publicis, I was financially independent to write the next chapter of my life.

To get there, I knew I could rely on what I can do best: being an entrepreneur. I would have to leverage my entrepreneurial skills, network, knowledge, and influence to scale my impact and contribute to improving our society.
To foster that mission, I created Epic, a global foundation that helps transform the lives of children and youth by bridging the gap between impactful nonprofits and individuals and businesses who want to drive positive change. My mission did not stop there…

For our society to be more just and sustainable, the responsibility does not only lie with the third sector. The private sector also had a crucial role, especially the financial industry. That’s why, in parallel with Epic, I founded Blisce, a leading B Corp investment firm committed to investing differently. I'm proud that Blisce has backed companies like Spotify, Too Good To Go, Headspace, Brut, and many more.
« Mission Possible” is my motto when it comes to entrepreneurship. That is why I created a platform to share my knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur that includes a book and a masterclass that I am presenting to young people at top schools and universities around the world as well as associations and networks that support entrepreneurs coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.
In addition to these activities, I am developing a new project called Infinite, supporting underprivileged students to fulfill their ambitions by accessing higher education. Infinite relies on a virtuous, sustainable, solidarity-based mechanism where students will benefit from an interest-free loan to help cover their tuition fees and/or living expenses.
My passion for sports and my commitment to greater social justice also led me to become Chairman of the Sport and Society Commission back in 2017 for Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games candidacy. I'm convinced that large-scale sporting events like the Games need a long-lasting, positive social impact. Today, as an Ambassador and Board member of the Paris 2024 Games, I am proud to contribute to this immense challenge of making this unique event matter beyond the competition.

I have created these different solution-led platforms to contribute to making our society more just and sustainable. I firmly believe that we do live in a world of solutions and we have a collective responsibility to try and do better. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.


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