Commitment 3

Democratize entrepreneurship

What I advocate for

Democratize entrepreneurship



The number of new businesses created in the US, between January 2021 and November 2021, an increase of 55% compared to the same period in 2019.
Source: The Census Bureau’s Business Formation Statistics

I believe entrepreneurship is not made for everyone but anyone who has the incentive and desire to do it, should. Entrepreneurship is about breaking down barriers. There are as many forms of entrepreneurship as they are profiles of entrepreneurs. Being a successful entrepreneur does not exclusively means starting a tech company or coming from the best business schools. The real question is: how to succeed and what does that success mean in the light of what our society is facing today?
My concrete action

“Mission Possible”

Building a business is far from what we see on Instagram. It’s the adventure of a lifetime with its ups and downs, failures and successes, long nights and bright days. I’ve met many entrepreneurs over the years, who shared with me their passion, their questions and their doubts. For them and all of the future entrepreneurs out there, I decided to share, in the most unfiltered and truthful way, what I’ve learned own my own, what was never explained to me when I was 20 and starting my first business.

That’s why I published a book called “Mission Possible: how to build a business for our times” and designed a brand new Masterclass.

In these tools, I give people exclusive access to the critical thinking behind any entrepreneurial success based on my own experience and on inspiring testimonies of other successful entrepreneurs who I’ve crossed path with, including: Tony Fadell (co-creator of the iPod and the iPhone) Alex Chung (Founder, Giphy) Andy Puddicombe, (Co-founder, Headspace) Lucie Basch (Co-founder, Too Good To Go) Travis VanderZanden, (Founder, Bird) and many more.

Do entrepreneurs need the idea of the century to start a business? How to onduct good market research? Is failure the road to success? How to convince an investor? How to define success factors? How to positively impact the world through your business? All the answers can be found in the book and masterclass.


Foster Equality of opportunity